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The objective

We will build on our history of cooperation, shared cultures, shared regions and similar contextual challenges, and further enhance our relationship for the mutual benefit of citizens, by looking outwards together and taking collective action across and beyond our borders.



  • Equitable economic, social and cultural development.
  • A proactive outlook, strong advocacy and shared investment for our mutual interests beyond politics and borders, both nationally and internationally.
  • Sustainability, environmental protection and the preservation of our unique cultures and heritage.
  • A focus on working together for our people, in areas of regional development, innovative cross-border service delivery, co-design, and community participation and empowerment.
  • Action informed by a robust evidence base with a clear public benefit.
  • Transparency and accountability for our actions.

Strategic priorities

Read the communique about our strategic priorities

Connecting our people and our economies

Providing a fit-for-purpose infrastructure network to service our economies’ growth sectors,harmonising our regulatory environments to support local businesses, and improving labour mobility by undertaking joint workforce development in shared regions.

Priority action

Critical road infrastructure upgrades to better support transport between jurisdictions.

One road to Asia

Leveraging each other’s existing international relationships and working together to grow our economic and cultural ties across Asia.

Priority action

Developing an international engagement, trade and investment action plan and conducting joint international trade missions to Indonesia and Shandong, China.

The heart of Australia as an iconic destination

Creating an integrated and sought after tourism experience for visitors to traverse our world-class natural and cultural tourist attractions.

Priority action

Growing the connectivity of the Stuart Highway as a tourism corridor through rebranding, joint marketing and promotions, new value-adding attractions and supporting infrastructure.

Strong, smart and healthy children

Early investment across our health, education and family support service systems to give our children the best possible start in life.

Priority action

Joint action on early childhood education to support our most vulnerable and disadvantaged children, particularly those in regional and remote areas.

A focus on people

Innovative, best practice service delivery across borders that is informed by co-design, delivers genuine life improving outcomes, and provides long-term cost savings to governments and boosts productivity.

Priority action

Joint implementation and national advocacy to create high quality disability services, regional jobs and business opportunities through the National Disability Insurance Scheme.


Strong Advocacy and Shared Investment

  • First Ministers departments as the lead agencies for the Strategic Partnership.
  • Jointly funding key projects, where it is possible and beneficial to do so.

Joint Governance and Service Delivery

  • Two taskforces established to scope joint service delivery in Central Australia and joint opportunities in tourism, arts and culture.
  • First Ministers and joint Cabinet meetings.

Exchange of People and Information

  • Close working arrangements and business-as-usual collaboration between officials.
  • Public sector secondments between jurisdictions.
  • Data sharing agreements.


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